"There's someone in my head
but it's not me"
--- Pink Floyd


Doğan Kökdemir

Doğan Kökdemir, Ph.D.

ORCHID #: 0000-0003-1879-8201

Research areas: philosophy of mind, consciousness, decision making, existential psychology


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E. Öykü Başerdem

E. Öykü Başerdem, Ph.D. Cand.

ORCHID #: 0000-0002-6671-2129

Research areas: consciousness, decision making, computational modeling


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İrem N. Özsoy

İrem N. Özsoy, B.Sc. | M.Sc. Student

ORCHID #: 0000-0002-8920-7774

Research areas: human-robot social interaction (HRI), human-computer social interaction (HCI), user experience (UX) in video games, experimental existential psychology


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A. Betül Akkaya

A. Betül Akkaya, B.A. | M.Sc. Student

ORCHID #:0000-0002-3118-686X

Research areas: judgement and decision making, moral psychology, behavioral ethics



Nurgül Çağlarbaş

Nurgül Çağlarbaş, B.Sc. | M.Sc. Student

ORCHID #: 0000-0002-0922-3310

Research areas: decision-making, behavioral economics, online social behavior, sustainable behavior


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