"Consciousness is only possible through change;
change is only possible through movement."
--- A. Huxley


This graphic art is designed by one of our founder members, E. Öykü Us.Mind and Behavior Lab (MBLab), was founded on April 5th, 2022. We, as the installers of MBLab, have similar research passions on different but related topics, including (1) philosophy of mind, (2) attention, perception, and social behavior, (3) judgement and decision making, and (4) cognitive modeling.


There are some other research labs and study groups in the Department of Psychology at Baskent University (Ankara, Türkiye), in which we carry on our research but we want to initiate a somewhat specific lab with a different academic and educational mission. MBLab is mainly designed as a Lab for future studies. The initiators of the MBLab consist of an emeritus professor of social psychology, a Ph.D. student of cognitive sciences, and an M.Sc. student of social psychology.


Members of the MBLab have previous studies and projects before the Lab was founded. However, this site (and the Lab) contains scientific works which has been carried out after the April 5th, 2022.


The graphic art on the right is designed by one of our founder members, E. Öykü Us.